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Hello, I'm Jessica |

I’m a Wife and Mother to four beautiful Souls.  My Sun is in Taurus, Moon in Gemini, and Ascendant in Leo. I currently live in Upstate NY but am a native of South Florida.  

I started my astrological journey in 2009 with Johanne Bibeau of Destiny Tarot.  Johanne’s interpretation of my natal chart was a Soul Awakening experience that transformed my life.

 I was blessed with the opportunity to study under two extraordinary astrologers, Johanne Bibeau of Destiny Tarot and Viktor of Astro Viktor.  

Through Johanne, I’ve built a strong foundation in Western Tropical Astrology with a focus on Natal, Forecast and Relationship.  

I furthered my studies with Viktor by broadening my knowledge in Traditional, Hellenistic, Horary, Predictive and Relationship Astrology.





Are you feeling anxious or overwhelmed?

Is life a bit challenging at the moment?

Looking for insight?

You can receive the answers which you are looking for with Astrology.

During your session, we can discuss your natal birth chart, life potentials, talents, love life, challenges and the best way to approach them.

These individualized readings may be held over the phone or via Zoom session.



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